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What is silicone release agent?(2)

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Characteristics of silicone release agent

The properties of the silicone release agent are mainly determined by the properties of the silicone polymer (silicone polymer).The surface energy of organosilicone polymer is very low, and the critical surface tension γ C is only in the range of 19 ~ 24 dN/cm, and the release effect is good.Silicone polymer in common use of aromatic and aliphatic solvents solvent, coupled with the viscosity of silicone polymer flow activation energy is small, coating performance is good, can be coated on the substrate into a very thin release coating.The cohesive strength of the silicone coating and its adhesion to the substrate can be enhanced by cross-linking the silicone polymer properly, and the migration of the coating to the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer can be reduced when used.Changing the crosslinking density of the polymer and the molecular weight between the crosslinking points can adjust the release effect of the silicone coating in a certain range, which makes the silicone release agent can adapt to different product requirements.

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