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What is silicone release agent?(1)

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Release agent, also known as anti-adhesion agent, is used between the base material and the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer. Its main function is to protect the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer coated on the base material, so as to prevent the pressure-sensitive adhesive layer from being polluted or sticking to other items and becoming ineffective.

The composition of silicone release agent

Silicone mold release agent generally includes aggregation owner agent, crosslinking agent, catalyst, solvent, inhibitors and additives, such as polymerization owner agent is a kind of mold release agent formula materials, impact strength of mold and mold strength curve, the stability of the coating and reactivity, also affect the curing speed, bath life, adhesion and spreading property;The crosslinker affects adhesion, bath life and curing speed.Catalysts affect curing speed, bath life and stability;Inhibitors affect curing speed, bath life, adhesion, and spreadability.Additives such as heavy stripping additives can produce a higher release force, while affecting adhesion, bath life and curing speed.

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