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What is organic silicon?

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Organic silicon generally refers to the silicon atoms on the four key link with carbonyl chemical molecular materials, on the silicon atoms with organic groups, including methyl, ethyl, alkoxy, phenyl, etc., but now is the most important application of [Si] - O - Si - O n main chain, and the other two groups on the silicon atoms is methyl siloxane ring (DMC), accounting for more than 90% in downstream. It's also what we call organosilicon monomers.

Synthetic organic silicon to silicon powder and methyl chloride synthesis, about 0.25 tons of silicon powder and 0.8 tons of 1 ton crude synthesizing monomer, contains a methyl chlorosilane, 2 methyl chlorosilane, trimethyl chlorosilane, high boiling and low boiling, hydrogen silane etc., among them 2 methyl chlorosilane as monomers to synthesize DMC, can after a nail dimethyl repeatedly disproportionation improve the yield of above 85%. Polysiloxane DMC(D4 is a kind of DMC) is produced by hydrolytic cleavage distillation of dimethyl. Generally, 0.5 ton DMC is synthesized according to 1 ton of crude monomer in the industry.

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