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What is fabric dyeing process?

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When the fiber is immersed in a dye aqueous solution at a certain temperature, the dye moves from the water phase into the fiber. At this time, the amount of dye in the water gradually decreases. After a period of time, an equilibrium state is reached. The dye reduced in the water is the dye migrating to the fibers. Take out the fiber at any time, and even if it is twisted, the dye will still remain in the fiber, and the dye cannot simply be completely separated from the fiber. This phenomenon of dye being combined in the fiber is called dyeing.

  1. Distribution of fabrics - Arrange the blanks from the weaving factory according to the production plan of the dyeing factory, put the cloth into the cloth car and wait for subsequent processes. Function: ①     Generally leave it for 12-24 hours to eliminate the tension during weaving and prevent dyeing spots caused by the tension of the gray fabric during dyeing. ②Open the unopened blank. For example, if you     want to wash it with water, you can order different types of fabrics.

  2. Water washing - mainly used for the process of OP cloth, which is completed by washing machine (also called refining). Function: ① Remove oil, dirt and soil from fabrics. ②Relax fabric tension and internal stress.

  3. Reservation - Since the fabric contains spandex, spandex is prone to shrinkage and storage creases and wrinkles during weaving. In addition, spandex has an oiling process during the production process. When dyeing, try to consider removing the oil. Through the reservation of the gray fabric, ① It can basically eliminate storage creases and creases ② The oil inside the fabric is evaporated to the surface of the fabric through a predetermined high temperature, and the oil is better removed through pre-scouring. ③ Eliminate the edge retraction of spandex cloth and improve the quality of pre-finishing dyeing.

  4. Refining - polyester elastic knitted fabrics, due to uneven stress during processing, often have creases and wrinkles caused by spandex shrinkage. It is necessary to release the fabric tension and relax and shrink. However, since there is no relaxation machine, only Can be refined and relaxed in the dye vat. Since it is refined in the dye vat and the dyeing machine has a certain tension, it cannot ensure that the fabric shrinks evenly under tension-free conditions, so when processing spandex knitting, more abnormalities occur.

  5. Dyeing – the main points include the following:

    ①. Pick up materials - feed water - chemical materials - add additives - feed materials - adjust the heating curve

    ②. Common exceptions:

    A. If the operation is poor and the dyeing is knotted, it is easy to produce serious color flowers.

    B. The temperature rises too fast, and the color is applied too quickly in a short period of time; the heat preservation time is not enough, and the leveling time is not enough.

    C. Factors such as high hardness in a certain period due to water supply.

    D. The PH value is improperly adjusted, especially when using high-fastness dyes to make ultra-fine OP-containing fabrics, color blooms or color differences are likely to occur.

    E. The color formula has poor compatibility. The dye has poor stability and reproducibility at high temperatures, and color blooms or color differences are prone to occur.

    F. The dyeing vat was not cleaned properly when the color was changed in the dyeing vat, resulting in oil stains or lumpy color stains on the cloth surface during dyeing.

    G. The size of the nozzle is not suitable, and it is easy to produce striped colored flowers.

    H. The gray cloth contains a lot of oil, and the oil is not clean. When dyeing, it is easy to produce colored flowers in the areas where the oil is not clean.

    I. The dyeing tank is too large or the cloth is too long in the tank.

    J. The dyeing speed is too slow.

    K. The effectiveness of the auxiliaries used in dyeing is unstable or the compatibility between the dye factors and the auxiliaries is poor.

    L. The relaxation and refining efficiency is poor.

IMG_256What is fabric dyeing process

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