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What is composite fibers?

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Composite fibers are two or more polymer melts, split by a special distribution plate, and extruded through the same spinneret hole. There are hundreds of types of composite fibers, and there are many classification methods. According to the production method, they can be divided into composite spinning and blended spinning. According to the spinning form, there are 5 commonly used types: co-spinning, side-by-side, skin-core, Splinter type, island type. Polyester/nylon composite fiber, which not only has the advantages of nylon's abrasion resistance, high strength, easy dyeing, and moisture absorption, but also has the advantages of good polyester elasticity, good shape retention, stiffness, and non-ironing.

Generally, the composite spinning is mainly composed of polyester and nylon, with orange petals, rice-shaped and other special-shaped cross-sections, and has good moisture absorption. It is mainly used in cleaning products, home textile products, etc. In addition, the low melting point, flame retardant, antistatic, and conductive functions of many fibers are also achieved through the special structure of composite spinning.

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