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What is color mismatch?

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What is color mismatch?

The color of the dyed product does not match the specified sample color and exceeds the allowable color difference standard.

Performance as:

Non-conforming cloth samples (color samples of the same fiber and the same organization as the original product)

Does not match the reference sample (colors of different materials and different organizations)

Non-conforming transaction sample (a sample provided to the customer and confirmed by both parties)

Non-conforming digital sample (digital sample of computer color matching system provided by the customer)


Improper formulation of dyeing process, different production conditions for size and size

Review the color sample light source is not uniform

Incomplete dyeing plan

Poor management of dyes and auxiliaries in batches

Dyeing process conditions and operations are not well mastered

Semi-finished products do not meet the requirements

Hard water for dyeing

Improper dyeing management

Wrong amount of dyestuff

The process conditions are not strictly controlled during dyeing


The weave specifications of the large and small fabrics should be the same, and the semi-finished products should be the same;

The pressure of the roller should be fixed during padding, and the bath ratio should be kept consistent during dip dyeing;

The dyeing process conditions of different sizes are the same; (dye, auxiliary, temperature, bath ratio, etc.)

Dyes need to be selected

Using standard light source (or computer color measuring instrument)

Reasonably arrange the dyeing production plan

Strengthen the management of dyes and auxiliaries

Strict process discipline

Do a good job of three-level inspection (self-inspection of shift workers, inspection of shifts and workshops)

Master the process conditions and ensure that the process is carried on

Grasp the sample matching and pasting system of each car or each cylinder cloth

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