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What is a surfactant?

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Surfactant refers to a substance that has a fixed hydrophilic and lipophilic gene that can be aligned on the surface of the solution and can significantly reduce the surface tension. In other words, any substance that can significantly reduce the surface tension of the liquid by adding a small amount , Are collectively referred to as surfactants.

Surfactant molecules are amphiphilic and easily accumulate on the surface in an aqueous solution, thereby significantly changing the properties of the solution, and with the different ratios of hydrophilic and lipophilic molecules in the molecules and different structures, the properties they exhibit are also different. They have a series of physical and chemical properties such as dispersion, wetting or anti-sticking, emulsification or demulsification, foaming or defoaming, solubilization, washing, corrosion protection and antistatic. These basic properties are very important for textile, printing and dyeing processing.

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