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What is a "softer flake"?

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A commercial dosage type of soft tablets is more than 20 years of commercial dosage forms for textiles. As the name suggests, soft slices are softened agents, and in recent years, there have been beaded (granular) smelling the world. Alias: Disabled solid soft agent, which is a weak yang ion surfactant, belongs to high -grade fatamide derivatives, and has the common quality of all soft agent products.

Among the textile dyeing aid agent, the variety of soft agents is the most and the largest output. In dyeing and rectification, in order to make the fabric have a smooth and soft feel and improve the quality of the finished product, in addition to using the rubber blanket mechanical processing to adjust the feel (improve the displacement performance of the fabric interwoven point), it is often treated with a soft agent. Soft agent is a textile auxiliary agent that reduces the friction coefficient between fiber to obtain a soft and lubricant effect on the fiber surface. Textiles must have the following characteristics: good softness, the applicability of a variety of fibers; good compatibility with other auxiliary agents; no allergies and stimuli effects on the human body, and there are no bad gases during processing; no pan -boom; no pan -pan The phenomenon of yellow and color changes does not affect the accuracy of the dye sun; good washing resistance; the requirements of high temperature treatment during dyeing and rectification; moderate price, simple finishing process, storage stabilization; biodegradation.

Soft agents generally rarely use single chemicals. The current soft agent used is roughly divided into four categories: non -surfactants; surfactants; reaction type and polymer polymer emulsion type.

The most dosage in the production of soft slices is fatty acids, which belong to fatty products. Different textiles. Different fibers need to use different types of fatty acids, which are fatty products, different textiles. Different fibers use different types of soft agents, so There are many types of soft tablets, and there are many cards. Most of them are cation types, as well as non -ions and a small amount of anion, as well as yin and yang gender ions. The cation type feels the best, but the fabric is easy to change, and the unchanged cationic soft tablets are later developed. It is known as the feel of cation and the characteristics of non -ions.

The organic amine used for fatty acidamide cations and soft agent soft tablets include: nn = ethyl ethylene, titoline, dihydramlamine, dihydrinamine, hydroxyetyl ethyleine, and so on. The fatty acids used are: lipidic acid, hyperlite methyl, glycolic acid glycerin, hydrogenated grease, etc., and a large amount of lipide is used in large quantities.

In the past, the adversaring agent products were emulsion -like or lactated (paste), and generally the solid content was 20 %. The printing and dyeing plant was convenient, but the product packaging, transportation, and storage costs were very high. In addition, there is also a packaging barrel cleaning and recycling and wastewater discharge. It consumes money and manpower, but also consumes a lot of water. After the soft tablets are changed, the packaging is simple, the volume is small, and the transportation stack is convenient. As long as the printing and dyeing plant is used, as long as the formula is used, how many soft pieces are used in the container, stirred it in the container with steam In the dye tank or rolling tank, many packaging and transportation of emulsion -shaped soft agents are eliminated, saving and recycling empty barrels, saving preserved water resources, and reducing sewage discharged by cleaning barrels.

Some dye factories have difficulty in making lotion by themselves. Soft sliced production plants can also supply product emulsions with standard concentrations. Many auxiliary plants without the ability to produce soft tablets, and they also buy soft tablets from soft production plants. The softening plate of the famous enterprise is supplied to the dyeing factory; some trading companies also operate and process various soft tablets and soft agents due to the needs of commodity circulation, so the supply of soft tablets is very popular with peers.

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