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What is a burnt-out fabric?

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-Burnt-out fabrics are also called burnt-out fabrics. It refers to a printing process in which a certain fiber component in a blended, twisted or interwoven fabric is destroyed by chemical agents to show a pattern.

The surface of the burnt-out fabric is uneven, the pattern is prominent, the outline is clear, the hand feels smooth and has a translucent visual sense. The pattern can be rotten, or the embossing pattern can be rotten to remove the base plate.

Common burnt-out fabrics include burnt-out velvet, burn-out cotton-silk interlaced fabric, burnt-out polyester-cotton interlaced fabric. Burnt-out fabrics are generally used in home decoration, bedding and other fabrics.

Burnt-out printing was first used for silk interwoven fabrics, such as burnt-out silk, burnt-out velvet, and later used for burnt-out polyester/cotton fabrics and other fabrics.

Burnt-out fabrics are made of two different fibers through interweaving or blending. One of the fibers can be destroyed by a certain chemical agent, while the other fiber is not affected. It forms a special style of burnt-out printed cloth, usually by Acid-resistant fibers such as silk, nylon, polyester, polypropylene and other fibers and cellulose fibers such as viscose, cotton, etc. are interwoven or blended to make fabrics, which are sizing and printed with strong acid substances. After drying, the cellulose is hydrolyzed and carbonized by strong acid. After washing with water, a translucent visual sense, concave and convex patterns are obtained, which can be used as decorative fabrics such as curtains, bedspreads, tablecloths, etc., and can also be used as clothing materials.

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