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What is a Sequestering agent?

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Sequestering agent is a common auxiliary agent in our dyeing and finishing process, and its function has been recognized by the dyeing and finishing industry. If used in water treatment, chelating dispersing agent can soften water quality; adding chelating dispersing agent during enzyme desizing can prevent the effect of heavy metal ions (sometimes brought in by preservatives) on the effect of desizing enzyme, and make the slurry easier Puffing, separated from the fiber and dispersed into a gel, which is easy to remove; adding a chelating dispersant during scouring can avoid the formation of water-soluble complexes between lye and metal ions, and can completely remove the metal ions contained in the fiber, while chelating Combine the calcium and magnesium ions in the scouring liquid to prevent the formation of sediment and deposit on the fabric, and improve the water absorption and whiteness of the textile.


To prevent the ineffective and rapid catalytic decomposition of H2O2 by metal ions to cause local white spots, brittleness and holes in the fabric; adding a chelating dispersant when reducing the alkali content of polyester can prevent oligomers and other impurities from contaminating the equipment; adding chelating agents during dyeing A chelating dispersant can prevent metal ions from causing dyeing problems such as dye precipitation, flocculation, fading of shade, and decrease in brightness, and can help dye dispersion; adding a chelating dispersant during soaping can make the surface of printing and dyeing products float completely. It can be removed, and it has the function of anti-contamination and so on when printing products are used. The chelating dispersant also has a great function, which is sometimes ignored by the counterparts in the printing and dyeing industry. Deposited on textiles and equipment, longer application of chelating dispersant can also remove fouling on equipment.


1. The chelating dispersant not only has a series of functions of blocking metal ions, which is helpful for the progress of dyeing and finishing processing and the improvement of quality, but also has obvious anti-scaling and cleaning functions, which is conducive to clean production and reduces the cleaning work of equipment. .


2. There are many theories about the scale inhibition and scale removal mechanism of chelating dispersants. The author thinks that it is mainly through the effects of lattice distortion, increasing solubility, electrostatic repulsion, and dispersion and suspension.


3. The scale inhibition and scale removal effect of chelating dispersant has been proved by experiments and actual production.


4. An excellent chelating and dispersing agent used in the printing and dyeing industry must be able to complex metal ions to the greatest extent to prevent metal ions from affecting the quality of dyeing and finishing, and must also have the function of preventing and eliminating deposits.

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