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What is Scouring agent of pretreatment?

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Scouring is a very important process in the pre-treatment process of printing and dyeing of cotton-based cellulose fibers and their blended fabrics. The purpose is to remove natural impurities contained in the fibers. For example, natural cotton fiber contains about 10% of natural impurities, including pectin substances, nitrogenous substances (mainly proteins), waxy substances, ash (inorganic salts), cotton seed hulls, etc. These substances affect the water absorption and color of the fabric and bring difficulties to subsequent processing. Generally speaking, these impurities can be converted into soluble substances and removed under alkaline conditions, so caustic soda is the main auxiliary for scouring processing. However, some substances such as waxy substances must be removed through emulsification. In order to speed up the scouring speed and improve the capillary effect and whiteness of the fabric, in the scouring process, in addition to the alkali agent, a certain amount of high-efficiency scouring agent needs to be added to facilitate the even and rapid penetration of the scouring liquid into the fabric to give full play to the scouring process. The role of liquid, and emulsify and disperse the impurities removed to prevent impurities from staining the fabric again.




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