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What is MS glue?

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KANEKA MS POLYMER® is a new type of liquid POLYMER independently developed by KANEKA In 1978. It is a sealant and adhesive produced based on KANEKA MS POLYMER®, which has excellent adhesion, weather resistance, environmental protection and other advantages. After the wet (air) curing reaction process, can play to the excellent mechanical properties, widely used in electronic adhesive, industrial adhesive, building external sealant and suitable for internal industrial assembly of a variety of adhesives, formed a new type of adhesive, market referred to as MS adhesive.

In the European industrial market, MS is recognized as a unique material. In The European industrial transportation uses, from MS glue (30% in 2017) and single-component polyurethane market share (70% in 2017) comparison, MS glue market share is growing year by year, and in the field of industrial glue application in China, MS glue has great development prospects.

With the deepening of people's understanding of the advantages of MS glue, MS glue has been more and more widely used in China's industrial field.

Use for bus and bullet train

At present in the bus and high-speed rail, many parts in the use of PU glue, there are "black water flow" and other problems. MS glue has very good bonding for bus and high-speed rail common materials, such as aluminum, PC and so on. It can be used without undercoating. And MS glue can take into account both strength and elasticity, and can withstand the vibration of the car body for a long time.

02 Solar cell use

In the solar cell industry, can replace part of silicone glue, fast fixed, improve the production efficiency of solar panels.

03 Appliance Usage

MS glue low VOC, no odor, no silicone oil seepage, very good bonding, very suitable for use in the field of home appliances, with the environmental protection more and more strict, THE application of MS glue will be more and more.

04 Automobile Usage

In the automotive assembly process, as well as the after-sales maintenance market, MS adhesive can have very good adhesion without the need for a bottom coat, can be sprayed paint consistent with the color of the body, has very high strength and toughness, can bear the long-term vibration of the vehicle.

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