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What factors affect the effect of finishing?

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A. After the fabric is shaped, the physical and chemical properties are relatively stable, such as: shrinkage, width, warp and weft density, etc. are not easy to change, and the cloth surface is relatively flat. At the same time, some functional processing can be done in the shaping section, such as water repellent (waterproof), softness, resin coating, flame retardant, antistatic, super water repellent (Teflon treatment), moisture wicking, deodorization, etc.

B. Because the setting temperature is high, pay attention to the color changes before and after setting, especially some sensitive colors, such as army green, light khaki, etc. Products generally require alignment with the finalized color.

C. Shaping can control the width, warp and weft density, shrinkage, etc. of the cloth, especially the control of shrinkage, which directly affects the processing cost, so special attention should be paid. (Our order shrinkage requirement is generally 3% washing shrinkage, and strict washing shrinkage 2%). 

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