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What effect does color fixation have on the hydrophilicity of fabrics?

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Fixing agent and dye anion generate insoluble salt or form lake on fiber. Make the dye molecules larger and difficult to dissolve in water, thereby improving the wet fastness of the dye, but at the same time it will form a water-repellent film on the surface of the fabric. The hydrophilicity of the fabric is significantly reduced, especially on knitted fabrics, towels and yarns, the effect of the fixing agent on the hydrophilicity of the fabric is very obvious. It has the following negative effects:


a. For knitted fabrics, if the finished product is not hydrophilic, it will definitely affect the performance of the finished product. If you don't absorb sweat. Uncomfortable wearing, etc.:

b. For dyed yarns, sizing is required after fixing. The hydrophilicity is not good. Will affect the sizing effect. There are also many factories that add antistatic agents or hydrophilic softeners after fixing. Then sizing. But this method wastes time, manpower and material resources:

c. For towels, due to the higher requirements for hydrophilicity, sometimes the addition of hydrophilic softeners can not achieve a good hydrophilic effect.

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