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What causes the appearance of dyed fabric products to be defective

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(1) Improper formulation of dyeing prescriptions and processes.

(2) The light source is not uniform.

a) Natural light is easily affected by weather changes and makes differences;

b) Ordinary fluorescent lamps are quite different from natural light, and the color is generally reddish.

(3) The dyeing production plan is not well arranged.

(4) Poor management of dyes and auxiliaries in batches.

(5) The dyeing process conditions and operation are not well mastered. The color and luster caused by this reason are roughly as follows:

a) The semi-products before dyeing do not meet the requirements.

b) Hard water is used for dyeing. Dyes that are sensitive to hard water can easily cause dyeing defects.

c) Improper management during dyeing affects the dyeing effect.

d) The dyeing material is weighed and weighed incorrectly, the amount is not accurate, and the dyeing process is not found in time, and the dyed color does not match the standard sample.

e) The process conditions must be strictly controlled during the dyeing process

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