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What are the usual bleaching methods in dyeing factories?

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After scouring, most of the natural and man-made impurities on the fabric have been removed, and the capillary effect is significantly improved, which can meet the processing requirements of some varieties. But for bleached fabrics and bright-colored light-colored floral fabrics and colored fabrics, the whiteness needs to be improved, so bleaching is required.

Bleaching method

Mainly include dip bleaching, shower bleaching and continuous rolling bleaching.

Soaking and bleaching is to bleach the fabric in a bleaching solution. Leaching and bleaching is to stack fabrics evenly in a tank, and use a pump to circulate and spray the bleaching liquid on the fabrics continuously. Leaching and bleaching is a discontinuous production, and it is rarely used now. Continuous padding and bleaching means that the fabric is stacked in a large cloth container or other equipment for a period of time after the padding and bleaching liquid is bleached.

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