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What are the uses of silicone 1?

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Organosilicon fabric finishing agent

Although synthetic fibers have many excellent advantages, they feel rough and hard, which affects the visual effects, tactile effects and performance of the fabric, so the fibers and textiles must be finished. The organosilicon fabric finishing agent has good comprehensive properties. It can not only meet the requirements of abrasion resistance, tear resistance, wrinkle resistance, crispness, and no ironing, but also soft, elastic and super smooth, so it is widely used.

(1) Real silk fabrics and silk knitwear are anti-wrinkle, non-ironing and finishing. The silk knitwear after finishing has soft, thick, smooth, high elasticity and anti-wrinkle properties. The application range includes the shrink-proof and anti-wrinkle finishing of real silk and the silkworm silk. Soft finishing, soft finishing of triacetate/nylon imitation silk fabrics, non-ironing finishing of silk knitwear, etc.

(2) The outstanding advantage of the woolen cloth is super washable and "embossed" finishing organosilicon woolen cloth finishing agent is that the woolen cloth does not undergo chemical degradation during the finishing process, while reducing pilling, is resistant to dry cleaning, and the finished clothes still retain the original woolen cloth It is soft, and achieves super washable or "relief" effect. Used in shrink-proof finishing of woolen sweaters, finishing of thin wool blended textiles, etc.

(3) Fabric water-repellent finishing. Various fabrics can be treated with silicone waterproofing agent to obtain the following effects: waterproof, bulky, soft, breathable, elastic, washable, anti-wrinkle, and can also increase the abrasion resistance and resistance of the fabric. Tear strength and smooth feel, improve its sewing performance. It can be used for water-repellent finishing of vinylon canopy canvas, polyester/cotton fabric, nylon silk, etc.

(4) Used as the soft finishing of polyester chemical fiber fabrics. After finishing, the fabrics can feel soft, smooth, crisp, elastic and have a certain fullness, which can greatly improve the wrinkle resistance, tear resistance and air permeability. It can be used for soft finishing of pure polyester knitwear, yarn-dyed polyester/viscose medium and long fabrics.

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