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What are the moisture absorption performance standards in different countries

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The detection technology of the moisture absorption and sweat wicking function of textile products is closely related to its design principles and the processing technology used. At present, there is no single method or standard at home and abroad that can cover all different types of moisture wicking textile products, but some of the methods currently used include:


Determination of hygroscopicity:

Measure the time required for the water droplet to be absorbed by the sample by dropping a water drop from a fixed height onto a flat test sample surface, usually in seconds. The shorter the time for the water droplets to be absorbed, the better the moisture absorption effect of the sample. The corresponding standard for this measurement method is AATCC79 in the United States.


Conductivity test:

Also known as "climb height" test, the test sample is sampled in the latitude and longitude direction, and the lower end of the sample is immersed in water by hanging vertically. After a certain period of time, the height of the waterline climbed by the capillary action of the sample is recorded to compare the conductivity Good or bad. In the same time, the higher the climb, the better the moisture conductivity of the sample. Corresponding standards that are widely used internationally are Japanese JISL10968.26, JISL10188.36 and JISL1907.


Evaporation is the test of moisture permeability:

In addition to the two functional characteristics of moisture absorption and conduction, moisture wicking products also have higher requirements for moisture permeability to form a complete overall effect. The basic principle of the moisture permeability test of textile products is: give a certain amount of water to a fixed sample area, monitor the relationship between the amount of water and time, and convert it to the evaporation rate. The common unit is unit time and moisture in unit area. The amount of permeation. Obviously, in the same time, the higher the evaporation rate, the better the moisture permeability function. The corresponding foreign standards are BS7209 in the United Kingdom, ASTME96 in the United States and JISL1099 in Japan.

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