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What are the main factors affecting the color fastness of printing?

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1 The performance of printing paste, such as color strength, hiding power and color fastness;


2 The quality of the adhesive, its molecular weight, emulsion state, and particle size will all affect its performance;


3 The control of printing process conditions, the selection and application of heating conditions (such as heating methods, temperature and time) directly affect the color fastness of the final printing paste.


4 The importance of the adhesive can be seen in the principle and process of printing. Whether it is the crosslinking reaction or the film forming process, it is inseparable from the appropriate temperature. Therefore, the heating temperature and time after printing are It is particularly important.


Especially for large-area, deep-color patterns, it is necessary to ensure that there is an appropriate temperature and time to evaporate the water molecules and dispersant in the printing paste, so that the adhesive can undergo a sufficient cross-linking chemical reaction and physical form The change, forming a strong film and fiber combination, firmly fix the pigment particles on the fiber, improve the color fastness.

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