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What are the common problems in the use of brighteners?

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1. Scouring and bleaching and whitening have high requirements for water quality. The calcium and magnesium ions and rust in hard water will affect the uniformity, whiteness and gloss of the whitening product, and there will be uneven whiteness, dull gloss, and local hair. Yellow phenomenon. Before adding the brightener to the dye vat, it must be fully dissolved and diluted before adding it, otherwise color spots and spots will appear.


2. Brightener products require alkali resistance, oxygen bleaching resistance, chlorine bleaching resistance, high temperature resistance, and moderate directness requirements. If the directness is too high, the dyeing will be too fast, white spots will be easily produced, and the whiteness will be uneven; if the directness is too low, the whiteness requirements will not be met. During shaping, if the brightener is not resistant to high temperatures, it will easily turn the product yellow and affect product quality.


3. The scouring and bleaching cloth requires uniform hair effect, consistent PH value, white cloth surface, and good permeability. If the cloth surface is not rinsed cleanly during scouring and bleaching, the pH value of the cloth surface is inconsistent, and it is easy to have uneven whiteness and stains.


4. During finalizing, if the product is stopped halfway, it will cause yellowing of the finalized product and affect the quality of the product. Therefore, always check the machine's operating conditions and the setting temperature. If the setting temperature is inconsistent, the color of yin and yang will appear.


5. Be sure to rinse well before over-softening, adjust the PH value, otherwise soft oil spots will appear; generally the PH value is required to be 5.0-6.0, if it is alkaline, it will affect the feel of the fabric on the one hand, and the product will yellow, and it will also affect The quality requirements of the PH value of the fabric.

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