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What are the advantages of the one-bath water washing process using desizing fermentation?

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The main advantages of the desizing fermentation and one-bath washing process using room temperature one-bath enzyme washing enzyme:

(1) The operation is simple and convenient;

(2) Reduce the labor intensity of employees;

(3) Save washing time and improve washing water production efficiency, which is conducive to improving the on-time rate of washing water processing;

(4) Higher desizing rate and impurity removal rate, the monkey position is clearer, the hand feel is more fluffy, and the gloss is better;

(5) The washing effect is good, the blooming is clear, the bottom depth is shallow, the three-dimensional effect is strong, the hair is clean, and it is beneficial to protect the background color of the fabric and reduce the risk of back dyeing and back dyeing on the bottom surface;

(6) The traditional multi-step water washing process becomes one step and one bath, not only the process is simple, the operation is convenient, the efficiency is improved, the applicable temperature range is wide, and the room temperature treatment can be realized;

(7) Energy saving and emission reduction from the source, reducing costs, saving water, electricity, steam and labor, and reducing costs. Each washing machine of jeans saves costs by 20-35 yuan, which improves the competitiveness of the washing plant.

Therefore, the normal temperature one-bath ferment washing enzyme desizing and one-bath washing process is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly washing process, which is worthy of vigorous application and promotion in the washing industry, and is beneficial to solving the environmental protection pressure faced by the current washing plants. , Cost pressure and other issues are an effective way to improve the competitiveness of water washing plants.

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