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What are features of anti-creasing agents?

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A new type of anti-wrinkle product for pre-treatment dyeing in the same bath softener CY-528


Summary of the characteristics of the same bath softener CY-528


1) Effectively prevent the fabric from scratching and squeezing creases in the tank during dyeing;


2) Give cotton, chemical fiber and other fabrics soft and smooth hand feeling;


3) Give cotton fabrics rapid hydrophilicity and washing resistance;


4) Especially suitable for textile pre-treatment, dyeing and one-bath method;


5) Excellent shear stability and pH stability;


6) Excellent washing resistance, effective in the whole process


7) Very low yellowing, suitable for white or light-colored fabrics;


8) Excellent resistance to anions and cations, excellent compatibility, compatible with most textile auxiliaries;


9) The scouring and dyeing are too soft in the same bath, which can greatly compress the treatment process and reduce the amount of post-finishing additives and waste water discharge;


10) Special structure, good stability, stable in the following environments: high temperature, strong acid and alkali, anion and cation, electrolyte, high hard water and chloride, etc.


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