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What Is Fluorine-free Waterproof Finishing Agent?

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In the late 20th century, the United States, Japan and other countries conducted in-depth research on fluorine-free waterproof finishing agents and successively published relevant patents on fluorine-free waterproof finishing agents. Fluorine-free waterproof finishing agents are innovative chemicals designed to impart water repellency to textiles without the use of fluorinated compounds, which have raised significant environmental and health concerns. These agents provide an eco-friendly alternative to traditional fluorocarbon-based treatments, which are known for their durability and effectiveness but also for their persistence in the environment and potential bioaccumulation.

Since the fluorine-free series of waterproof finishing agents do not contain any PFOS and PFOA, they will not be deposited in the living body and are easily degraded. Therefore, as the concepts of ecology, environmental protection, and health become more and more popular, fluorine-free waterproof finishing agents are considered as a safe and environmentally friendly finishing agent. products are more easily accepted by consumers and the market. With the continuous in-depth research and development of fluorine-free waterproofing agents, the application effect of fluorine-free waterproofing agents (Water Repellent Sylic FU5302) is constantly improving, and its market demand is also increasing.

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Advantages of fluorine-free waterproof finishing agents

Fluorine-free waterproof finishing agents provide several advantages, including reduced environmental impact, improved safety for workers and consumers, and compliance with stricter environmental regulations. They are used in a wide range of applications, such as outdoor apparel, sportswear, footwear, upholstery, and industrial textiles. These agents ensure that textiles remain dry and comfortable while reducing the ecological footprint of the waterproofing process.

Disadvantages of fluorine-free waterproof finishing agents

At present, there are also some problems in the use of fluorine-free waterproof finishing agents:

(1) Fluorine-free waterproof finishing agents are only suitable for waterproof finishing of fabrics, while some textile products that require three-proof finishing still need to use fluorocarbon series three-proof finishing Agent;

(2) Fabrics of different fiber materials need to choose appropriate fluorine-free waterproof finishing agents. Some fluorine-free waterproof finishing agents have matching requirements for fabric materials. It is recommended to focus on the initial waterproof level and the effect after washing;

(3) ) Some structural fluorine-free waterproof finishing agents are prone to roll sticking problems under conditions such as rising working fluid temperature, changes in pH value, and long-term padding. Pay attention to control during production and application.

In summary, fluorine-free water repellent finishes represent a significant advancement in textile chemistry, providing effective water repellency without the environmental and health risks associated with fluorinated compounds, which need to be avoided in their use. As consumer demand and regulatory pressure for sustainable solutions continue to grow, these environmentally friendly alternatives will play a key role in future textile manufacturing.

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