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What Are The Textile Fixing Agent?

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Textile fixing agents play a crucial role in the textile industry, primarily by enhancing the durability and fastness of dyes and prints on fabrics. These agents work by forming a bond between the dye molecules and the fibers, ensuring that the color remains intact even after repeated washing, exposure to light, or physical abrasion. Fixing agents are indispensable in maintaining the aesthetic and functional properties of textiles, contributing significantly to the overall quality and longevity of the products.

There are various types of textile fixing agents, each designed to cater to specific types of dyes and fibers.


Fixing agent that forms insoluble lakes.

This type of color fixing agent includes small molecule quaternary ammonium salts and polyamine resin color fixing agents. They combine with the water-soluble anionic groups in the dye through cationic groups to form insoluble color lakes that are deposited on the fibers, thereby improving the quality of dyed fabrics. color fastness.


Film-forming fixative.

For example, water-based polyurethane dye-fixing agents, after being adsorbed on the fabric surface, undergo a self-crosslinking reaction under high temperature conditions to form a polymer film, which fixes the dye on the fiber surface and prevents the dye from falling off through physical effects.


Covalently cross-linked fixative.

For example, reactive color-fixing agents such as epichlorohydrin derivatives and silicone-based fixatives, the reactive groups on them react with the groups on the fibers and dyes, and connect the dye molecules to the fabric through covalent bonding.


textile fixing agent manufacturer

Fixing agent that reduces the coefficient of friction.

Fixing agents containing supple functional segments can reduce the friction coefficient on the fabric surface, reduce dye shedding, and improve color fastness to rubbing.


Dye-fixing agent with absorbing and buffering properties.

The color fixing agent that incorporates acid-base buffering, UV absorption, and available chlorine absorption substances can improve the color fastness to sweat stains, sunlight, and chlorine bleaching.

In addition, there are also cationic quaternary ammonium salts, amine-aldehyde resin-type dicyandiamide formaldehyde primary condensate, polyamine condensate, phenolic condensate, cross-linking color fixing agent, reactive dye color fixing agent, etc.


In summary, textile fixing agents are essential for ensuring the longevity and quality of dyed and printed fabrics. Their ability to enhance dye fastness and maintain the aesthetic appeal of textiles makes them a vital component in the textile manufacturing process.

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