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Wetting And Penetrating Effects Of Refining Agent

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Penetration is an important role in the refining process. One is that during the growth of cotton, the galacturonic acid of the pectin substance slowly combines with Ca2 + and Mg + in the groundwater to form a pectate salt that is insoluble in water and difficult to expand. Pectin is distributed on the primary wall of the cellulose surface, hindering the hygroscopicity of the internal layer of 98% cellulose. The waxy substance in the cotton fiber and the oily dirt in the remaining slurry make it difficult for the scouring liquid to penetrate into the fiber yarn gap composed of capillaries of different sizes connected to each other.

Second, the refining process is carried out in a certain concentration of caustic soda solution. Due to the high surface tension of the caustic soda solution, it also makes the penetration of the refining solution difficult. In order for smoothing to proceed smoothly, the fibers need to be puffed and the interface properties between the solution and fibers need to be increased, that is, appropriate surfactants can be added to reduce the surface tension of the solution and the interfacial tension between the solution and fibers, so that the fibers and the scouring liquid More and better contact, accelerate wetting and penetration.

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