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The temperature difference between day and night in autumn becomes large, how to apply glue?

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The solidification of a single component silicone seal is related to the environmental temperature and air humidity. Especially since the autumn, the overall environmental temperature is low, the temperature difference between day and night is large, and the air humidity is low, resulting in the slowing speed of silicone gum.

For the seal sealing of the curtain wall, when the curtain wall section is large or the inflation factor of the base material of the plate (mainly metal curtain wall such as aluminum veneer or aluminum -plastic plate), the rubber seam displacement of the plate is more obvious, resulting in the rubber seams in the gel seam The adhesive bar is also with the force of the hot pressure cold pull. However, due to the low temperature of the overall environment, the rubber strip cannot be completely solidified during a period of hot pressure and cold pulling.

In the state of not solidifying or semi -curing, the force to withstand the force of thermal pressure and cold stretch has adverse effects on the final curing performance of the rubber strip and all life span, which will cause the glue seam to be drumped, the appearance is poor and cannot be recovered.

In order to minimize the autumn and winter seasons environment

The adverse effect on building silicone gum

It is recommended to take the following measures


When the ambient temperature is lower than 5 ° C, it is not recommended to perform outdoor glue operations. In this case, the chance of drumming in the gum of the curtain wall is large and the sealing performance will decrease after solidifying.


When the inner fan of the doors and windows is applied or the unit parts of the glass curtain wall are processing, the construction environment is indoor, and the environmental temperature is low, the air is dry, and the air conditioner, heating, and moisturizing machine can be used to regulate the indoor environment to ensure the guarantee Normal solidification of silicone gum: At the same time, it is necessary to choose a faster sealing glue product, such as Veseida's 7008 engineering silicone weathering glue, which is a room temperature solidification product, which is cured and fast.

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