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The silicone tableware

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Characteristics of silica gel

Heat resistance: silicone rubber has better heat resistance than ordinary rubber. It can be used for more than 10000 hours at 200℃ and for a period of time at 350℃.

Cold resistance: silicone rubber at -50℃ ~ -60℃ still has good elasticity, some special formula of silicone rubber can also withstand very low temperature.

Silicone rubber also has the characteristics of soft, easy to clean, tear resistance, good resilience, heat aging resistance and so on.

Be careful when buying

1. Carefully read the product label, check whether the label content is complete, whether there is marked material information and meet the national food safety standards.

2, when choosing and buying, you can use your nose to sniff, and do not choose products with peculiar smell.

3. Wipe the surface of the product with a white paper towel. Do not choose any product that fades after wiping.

Be careful when using

Before use, the product should be cleaned in accordance with the requirements of the product label or instructions to ensure clean washing.

When using, it should be used under the specified operating conditions according to the requirements of the label or instruction manual of the product. Special attention should be paid to the safe use of the product. For example, direct contact with open fire should not be allowed.

After use, clean with soft cloth and neutral detergent, and keep dry, do not use coarse cloth or steel wire ball and other high strength cleaning tools, can not contact silica gel kitchen utensils with sharp appliances.

The surface of silica gel has slight electrostatic adsorption, which is easy to adhere to dust in the air. It is recommended to place it in a clean cabinet or close for preservation when it is not used for a long time.

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