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The principle of silicone water repellent agent

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Silicone emulsion water repellent principle: when the silicon emulsion heated to more than 140℃, polysiloxane directional arrangement on the fabric, hydrophobic group - CH3 outward, poly silicone oil emulsion silicon atoms, oxygen atoms and some atoms on the fiber to form a valence bond and hydrogen bond, so water vapor, air can pass through the fabric, but water can not pass through.The hydroxyl group at the top of the polysilicone oil emulsion chain is grafted with the hydrogen-containing silicone oil, that is, the Si. H bond in the hydrogen-containing silicone oil is hydrolyzed into Si. H.Silicone oil and hydrogen-containing silicone oil were cross-linked on the surface of the fabric at 150-180℃ to form a polysiloxane resin film insoluble in water and solvent.The methyl group faces outwards in the silane structure, resulting in water repellency, membrane discontinuity, and air permeability.

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