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The price of raw rubber is skyrocketing?

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Authoritative organizations predict that the annual market size of raw rubber will continue to grow in the next five years, and the demand will increase by more than three times compared with the present. The huge market space has attracted many upstream monomer companies to vie for deployment, and the raw rubber production capacity of some leading companies will be released in this year and next.

The trade data from January to May this year shows that the export of silicone products is booming, benefiting from the full confidence of consumers and businesses in Europe and the United States, employment has exceeded all expectations, and the job vacancy rate has reached a 12-and-a-half-year high. The requirement of working from home in Europe and the United States has prompted many people to settle in new residences outside of major cities, thus supporting the demand in small towns. Social distancing regulations have stimulated online retail sales, and dining out has never been so popular. Social retail sales surged 25% over a year ago, and online sales of various silicone daily necessities surged 78%.

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