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The price difference of silicone glue is so big, the quality is reliable?

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As in recent years, domestic outfit and the growth of the construction project, the market demand for silicone sealant is also increasing, the competition is becoming more and more fierce, in order to seize market, the price of silicone sealant is becoming more and more low, even appeared the prices vary considerably, but the price of silicone sealant are so big, quality can tell? Reliable? Let's see what's going on here.

The raw materials of the products produced by glass glue manufacturers, basically, the cost will not have much change, since the raw material cost is similar, why can there be such a big difference in price? There are just a few reasons:


The use of inferior raw materials to produce silicone sealant, the production cost is reduced, the external price is correspondingly lower, but this kind of product, you can rest assured to use it? The use time is not long, the rubber strip is easy to dry hard, cracking, but also can achieve waterproof sealing effect?


Use excipient too much or reduce the solid content of glue, this does not come out generally, need to pass professional detection ability to know. Each silicone sealant product, for the use of the scene will have a relative percentage of solid content, the solid content is reduced, the cost is also reduced, but the quality will also be reduced, but in the process of use, there is no problem temporarily, but after a period of time, there will be significant changes in the strip.


Jerry-built, whether bottled or soft packaged silicone sealant, there will be a ML or grams to show the capacity of low-cost products, do not rule out the production of time to increase the auxiliary filling to reach the standard capacity, may also reduce the amount of glue bottle thickening.

Therefore, sometimes in the market to purchase silicone sealant products, do not think the cheaper the better, penny wise and pound foolish, the final loss or their own.

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