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The difference of polyether defoaming agent and silicone defoaming agent

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Polyether defoaming agent, in fact, is a non - positive characteristics of high - quality water soluble surfactant.Its turbidity point is the temperature at which turbidity occurs during the whole process of dissolving in water from ultra-low temperature when the methacrylate strong electrolyte is touched.Polyether defoaming agent breaking rate is very low, resulting in a lot of foam plastic cases can not be immediately reasonable removal, the only difference is that it can be a long time to inhibit the characteristics of foam.

Demulsifiers, can be used in water soluble management system, can also be used in oil soluble management system, with non-toxic, rapid defoaming, oxidation resistance, no smell no side effects and other characteristics.Generally, the simple silicone material does not have the defoaming effect, but the supporting force of the surface layer of the emulsion can be rapidly reduced, and the application of a small amount in the whole process of detection can achieve rapid defoaming agent and anti-foaming characteristics.

In defoaming agent, there are many kinds, at least, polyether defoaming agent that is this very key kind, it has a lot of characteristics, defoaming agent manufacturer is this very good defoaming agent.First of all, this is this completely non-toxic liquid, so you worry about using it will cause damage to the body problem, and it does not have some unique taste, so it is not easy to smell uncomfortable feeling, together, it is not toxic to the body, not easy to make people feel uncomfortable.

If the polyether defoaming agent is poured into water, it can disperse quickly, so it is not only in the usual industry to obtain common use, for some other manufacturing industries are very effective.In some food processing and alcohol, as well as cosmetic and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries, its efficacy is much higher than that of some other defoaming agents. Silicon-based defoaming agents are much less effective than it.

Normally, polyether defoamer were generated by a variety of different start-stop agent, and the original agent can in polyether defoaming agent to carry out the classified according to, defoaming agent based on polyether defoaming agent they can be classified into polyols and oleic acid ester type, also have this kind of means amine ether type, these all have each have different characteristics.Only polyols and oleates are widely used today and have played a key role in many industries.

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