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The development of soaping agent

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The soaps and detergents in the printing and dyeing auxilaries are collectively called detergents. At present, in our printing and dyeing industry, the washing before treatment is generally called a detergent, while the washing after dyeing or printing is generally called a soapy detergent.In the process of washing detergent, soap lotion, net lotion), dirt (color, size, material, etc.) and the (fabric, yarn, etc.) on the surface of the object in a series of complicated physical - chemical action, such as wetting, penetration, absorption, solubilization, emulsification, dispersion, parsing, foaming, and with the aid of mechanical action, make the dirt from the surface of dirt separation and suspended in medium, clean the dirt in the end. However, at the same time, the dirt that has been washed may accumulate back on the surface of the object. Therefore, the washing process can be regarded as a reversible process, which can be expressed by the following relation.

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