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The characteristics of the new block silicone oil

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1. It has a wider range of applications, suitable for fibers and fabrics.

2. Convenient and simple to use. It can be self-dispersed in water without emulsification and can be used directly in textile printing and dyeing plants.

3. The hand feels smooth and silky texture is strong. Plump, fluffy, and flexible. There is a sense of comfort similar to "natural". It overcomes the shortcomings of traditional amino silicone oil that is too "greasy".

4. No layering, no oil spots, no sticking to rollers, no sticking to cylinders.

5. Ultra-low yellowing, no color change.

6. Good washing resistance.

7. The lifting performance is very good and it can be super soft.

8. Good compatibility: It has excellent stability to strong acids, strong bases, high electrolytes, etc.

9. High temperature resistance, shear stability, high adaptability to process and equipment.

10. It has good hydrophilicity, which is conducive to moisture wicking and finishing requirements. It can also be finished in the same bath with organic fluorine easy decontamination finishing agent.

11. Color repairability, alkali resistance and high temperature resistance, no secondary pollution.

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