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The application of silicone resin

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Silicone resin is mainly used as insulating varnish (including varnish, enamel, paint, impregnating paint, etc.) to impregnate the coil of Class H motor and transformer, and to impregnate glass cloth, glass cloth and asbestos cloth to make motor casing and electrical insulation windings, etc.A large area of mica insulation material can be prepared by bonding mica with silicone insulating paint, which can be used as the main insulation of high voltage motor.In addition, silicone resin can also be used as heat and weather resistant anticorrosive coatings, metal protective coatings, waterproof and moisture-proof coatings for construction engineering, mold release agents, adhesives and secondary processing into silicone plastics, used in electronic, electrical and national defense industries, as semiconductor packaging materials and electronic, electrical parts of the insulation materials.

Application of silicone resin

(1) silicone paint: heat resistant paint, weather resistant paint, high temperature resistant anticorrosive paint, coil infiltration paint;

(2) silicone coating: electronic and electrical coatings;

(3) silicone adhesives: mica bonded silicone resin, glass cloth coated silicone resin;

(4) silicone film plastic: silicone resin glass fiber sleeve, silicone film pressure plastic.

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