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The application of silicone adjuvant in the agriculture

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1. agricultural silicone agent is a super spreading agent, can wet any crop.

2. It can spread the liquid to various hidden parts of the plant, as well as the wet spreading ability of the insect. It has the effect of absorbing through the plant stomata and through the wax layer, and improves the efficiency of the inhaled insecticide.

3. improve the effect of the liquid through the insect stomata and joint membrane, because of the super expansion of the wetting effect, for a variety of pests laid a net, greatly improve the efficiency of insecticide.

4. can reduce the amount of water and medicine, but also reduce labor costs.

Silicone additives mainly reduce the surface tension of the liquid on the leaves, and make the liquid spread and permeate quickly in the leaves.The better the quality of organosilicon, the lower the interfacial surface tension, the better the liquid extension effect.

High quality organosilicon has a strong ability of rain erosion resistance.In the rainy season to prevent diseases and insect pests, the choice of high quality silicone additives, can greatly improve the efficacy.

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