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The application of silicone adhesive in photovoltaic module

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The application of silicone adhesive in photovoltaic modules can be roughly divided into bonding, sealing, potting and sealing.The bonding and sealing between the laminated solar cell and aluminum alloy frame, the bonding between the wiring and the back material, the sealing of the junction box and the structural bonding between the thin film cell and the metal front rail are the four important parts of silicone adhesive in the solar cell.

1, process: uniform viscosity, good extrusion rate, smooth thixotropy, no bubbles and crust;

2, mechanical properties: medium hardness, elongation and tensile strength change to small;

3, adhesion: bonding strength with the backplane, aluminum alloy, junction box body, busbar should be high enough;

4, yellow resistance: silica gel in high temperature and high humidity after aging surface color change is small;

5. Humidity and heat resistance: the strength, hardness and electrical property loss of silica gel after humidity and heat aging are small;

6, uv linear: in the uv aging box after a long time of aging performance changes little.

Solar photovoltaic power generation is the most economical, cleanest and environmentally friendly sustainable energy available at present.Photovoltaic has become the fastest growing industry in our renewable energy industry after wind power.Due to the existence of thin solar cells, brittle, easy oxidation and other physical and chemical defects.Long-term exposure to high temperature, high temperature, low temperature, strong ultraviolet light, wind and rain and other natural conditions is easy to cause permanent external damage.Silicone adhesives are widely used in battery assembly packaging because of their good weatherability, sealing and electrical insulation properties.

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