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The application of silica gel in medical instruments

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1.Silicone is very friendly to the human body


Silicone does not need to add plasticizer or other additives, you can directly achieve the soft and strong effect, therefore, there are no small molecule additives brought by human stimulation or even sensitization.


2.The hardness and softness of silica gel is very suitable


The hardness of silica gel is very wide, usually between Shore 20-90A hardness, mato silica gel hardness range is wider, can do 5A or even more soft. It also has good physical properties and a wide hardness distribution, which makes it a very comfortable material for use with the human body.


3.Silica gel has a high temperature tolerance


Silicone is resistant to both high and low temperatures.


Silicone can be used in the temperature range of -50-200without pressure. Special silicone can withstand lower or higher temperatures.


In medical applications, silica gel is highly resistant to high temperature steam disinfection, and is highly resistant to ethylene oxide disinfection, gamma ray or electron beam disinfection.


Devices in contact with human skin:


(1) Breathing mask: especially the mask that needs to be worn for a long time.

(2) Wound care: silicone gel is more skin-friendly and breathable, and will not cause secondary injury to the wound. Therefore, MAITU silicone gel is a good choice for foam applicators, scar applicators, etc.

(3) Instrument handles: for medical instruments that need to be grasped, such as surgical knives, soft and non-slip handles must meet the requirements.


Devices for contact with human coelomic passages:

Throat mask: contact with the trachea, silica gel is soft and strong, to ensure smooth airway.

Urethral catheters: Silicone supports the production of a flexible tube body, and a balloon with high tensile strength.

Gastric tube: With appropriate hardness, silicone gastric tube is a good choice for patients

Instruments in contact with human blood and body fluids:

Catheter of infusion device: such as peristaltic pump pipe of infusion pump, outer tube of insert type catheter.

Infusion equipment components: such as needle - less plug, kidney dialysis filter O - ring, etc.

A variety of medical supplies in contact with liquid and body fluids in the glue plug and stop the bleeding valve, etc.

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