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The United States will implement the glyphosate-resistant weed management plan

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EPA plan to hold a conference call with members of the American Weed Science Society to discuss the final plan for glyphosate resistance management. A spokesperson for the Environmental Protection Agency declined to disclose the details of the plan, but said that the plan will be similar to the requirements for Dow AgroScience's new herbicide products, including weed monitoring, farmer education and remediation plans. Dow AgroSciences needs to provide the Environmental Protection Agency with extensive reports on examples of weed resistance so that stakeholders can learn about the difficulty of controlling them through the company's website.

The EPA's action stems from a study published last month by the World Health Organization (WHO) Cancer Research Agency, which stated that glyphosate "may be carcinogenic to humans." The EPA's weed management plan cannot solve human health problems, but the agency also analyzes health data in response to the re-evaluation requirements of glyphosate. The preliminary risk assessment will be announced at the end of this year and the public will be asked for comments. Weed management plan and solicit public comments.

Regulatory agencies in the United States and many other countries have long believed that glyphosate is the safest herbicide. Last year the German government conducted a review of the chemical on behalf of the European Union and concluded that glyphosate has no connection with cancer.

Monsanto pointed out that glyphosate has been repeatedly proven to be safe. Monsanto accused "agenda-driven groups" of promoting false glyphosate reports.

However, critics of the chemical, including environmentalists, scientists, and opponents of genetically modified foods, hope that the WHO's findings will help persuade the EPA to adopt stricter controls on the herbicide, rather than just prevent herbicide resistance. The production of sexual weeds, at the same time, needs to protect human health.

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