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The Generation and Prevention of Polyester Defects

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Defects definition

Generally refers to a kind of dyeing defects produced during the drying and storage of textiles after printing and dyeing.

Compared with the normal dyed blank, the wind mark will show white or dark gray strips in the latitude direction of the entire door width. This defect cannot be seen before setting, and will occur after setting.


Polyester fabric is not easy to produce wind marks in continuous production (long car production line), and intermittent production (when high temperature and high pressure overflow dyeing) is easy to produce wind marks.

Most of the wind prints on polyester fabrics are generated after the fabric is dehydrated and before it is finalized, and appear in the reciprocating folding prints when the stacker is stored. In severe cases, there will be dozens of bars in the weft direction, and the spacing is exactly the spacing of the grey cloth folding back and forth.

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