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Summer is coming, can your doors and windows withstand the high temperature and heavy rain?

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Air tightness and water tightness of doors and windows

Many people have a similar life experience. After a few years of use, the bright and clean doors and windows have become foggy, and they cannot see the scenery outside the window. In serious cases, the glass outer piece fell off, causing a horrific incident of smashing and injuring pedestrians. These problems are related to the selection of inferior sealants for insulating glass. However, even if you choose the right insulating glass, if the doors and windows are not properly sealed, they will not be able to withstand the double impact of summer sunlight and heavy rain.

01Air tightness of doors and windows:

Refers to the amount of air infiltration per unit opening seam length of doors and windows or per unit area. It evaluates the ability of doors and windows to prevent air infiltration when the doors and windows are closed. The air tightness of doors and windows has a great influence on the loss of heat. The better the air tightness, the less heat exchange and the smaller the impact on room temperature. Therefore, improving the airtight performance of doors and windows is the key to energy saving of doors and windows.

According to statistics, the energy consumption caused by glass doors and windows accounts for about 50% of the total energy consumption of buildings. We heat in winter or cool down with air conditioners in summer, and a quarter of the energy is consumed through gaps in doors and windows. Can't think of it? The "thieves" who steal your air-conditioning electricity bill in summer and the heat in your house in winter are actually those pores caused by improper sealing of doors and windows. From the point of view of energy saving, using good sealant for sealing, bonding and filling can effectively save energy, and it is also directly related to the comfort experience of living. It's summer, and who wants to stay in a "big steamer"?

02Water tightness of doors and windows:

It refers to the ability of preventing rainwater leakage under the simultaneous action of wind and rain when the external doors and windows are normally closed. Water tightness and air tightness are actually brothers. If the water tightness of a door and window is not good, the quality of the door and window will change over time.

In the same way, storms will also "take advantage". This is simply a big test of the waterproof sealing of doors and windows! Rainwater soaks into the wall, causing the interior wall paint to fall off; seeping into the home, damaging the home decoration and furniture; forming water accumulation, soaking the floor; due to water leakage, some structural profiles may even be corroded, burying potential safety hazards ;Because of moisture, it may also happen that the electricity is not safe at home.

In fact, at the junction of the door and window walls, the joints of the door and window profiles, the joints between the window frame and the outer wall... As long as there are gaps, they must be sealed and waterproofed.

How to make doors and windows "airtight"

The answer is simple: choose the right sealant and use it correctly.

Doors, windows and sunrooms are usually directly exposed to the long-term immersion and sun exposure of sunlight or rain, and sealants must be properly selected to seal the joints. There are many types of sealants on the market. Some types of sealants have weak UV resistance and high temperature resistance. Over time, they are prone to aging and cracking, resulting in air leakage and water leakage. Remember, silicone sealant is the first choice for door and window sealing!

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