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Some common sense about shampoo containing silicone oil

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Why do we use silicone oil?

Hair is produced by hair follicles in the scalp. The main ingredient is keratin.Enlarged hair, above the uneven hair small skin (hair scales) clearly visible, like fish scales.Shampooing hair is to purify the dust on hair and scalp and redundant grease, but the anionic surface active agent that water and decontamination use can let the hair produce a series of changes: hair filament is bibulous expansion, moist become soft, at ordinary times adhere to the grease that has lubrication protection effect outside wool small skin is washed.If there is damage to the warped hair scales, it will increase the friction between the hair, resulting in hair tangled together when combing, mutual friction and aggravate the damage of the hair scales.That's not all. After the anionic surfactant removes the oil, it simply adsorbs on the hair.Moist electronegative hair can still stick together under the action of water, and so they can be completely turned over as soon as dry, because the same sex repels each other far away from each other.If you use a plastic comb to comb down a few points of static electricity, it can be lively ~~~

The problem of static electricity caused by anionic surfactants is easy to solve. Let's use some cationic ones in hair conditioner, such as quaternary ammonium salts.But this also can not solve a series of hair scale damage headed by the problem of hair quality.This is not to do not comb hair to avoid -- besides comb, dye the chemical reagent when hot, heat and the ultraviolet ray in the sun, it is to make the hair hurt badly.This is where grease comes in handy: lubrication to reduce the chance of hair damage from grooming.From the osmanthus oil on girls' dressers in ancient times to the hair conditioner on the shelves decades ago, the main character is oil.The job of PDMS is to attach to the hair and fill in damaged hair scales, smoothing out the hair's surface -- a function often advertised as "repair."After the "repaired" hair, not only bright and easy to comb, but also stronger.

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