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Softener Flake

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Softener flake is the most commonly used solid softener for cotton and its blends.Features: low price, easy repair.Now the main popular products in the market are cationic softener flake,Weak cation softener flake and non - ionic softener flake.

The characteristic of cationic softener flake: it is soft and fluffy, suitable for medium and dark color cloth with high requirements for hand feeling, which has a great influence on the hydrophilicity of the fabric and makes it yellow

Weak cationic softener flake: feel more fluffy soft, hydrophilic influence on the fabric in general, low yellowing, suitable for towels and other fabrics with a certain affinity to sailors.

Non-ionic softener flake is characterized by: poor hand, but very low yellow, suitable for white and light color cloth.


Handle Feeling : cationic > weak cationic > non - ion

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