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Six test methods of defoaming agent for coatings

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After the foam agent manufacturer produces the coating with defoaming agent, in order to ensure the quality of the product, it is necessary to test the performance, the following six test methods can be used:

1. Measuring cylinder method: add an appropriate amount of low-viscosity coating in the measuring cylinder, and then add defoaming agent. After shaking, observe the height of the foam every period of time.

Two, high speed mixing method: suitable for low viscosity coating, high speed mixing after the determination of the foam level.

Three, specific gravity cup method: suitable for high viscosity coating, coating and defoaming agent together to the homogenizer high-speed mixing, and then determine the height and density of the foam.

Four, cycle method: after coating the rest of the paint will fall into the container, to every period of time to record the height of the paint.

Five, bubbling method: suitable for low viscosity paint, the air into the paint to produce foam, add defoaming agent after the regular export of air, and timely record the height of the foam.

Six, vibration method: repeated vibration, and then the foam density determination.


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