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Silicone: the most widely used additive in agricultural production!

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Silicone is one of the most widely used synergistic additives in agricultural production. When mixed with the corresponding pesticide, the utilization rate of pesticide can be improved obviously.

01 Silicone is different from other common drug synergists or active agents:

★ Silicone surface expansion tension is smaller, diffusion spread, adhesion penetration, wetting, temperature resistance, rain erosion resistance is stronger.

★ Can be used with most fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, plant growth regulators and foliar fertilizers on the market, significantly improve the effect of all kinds of liquid medicine.

★ Silicone surface has super expansion function, so that the coverage area of liquid medicine is wider, more uniform, so that the leaf and insect body surface absorption or penetration of liquid medicine is larger, the control effect is more significant.

★ Silicone can reduce the number of drug use and drug cost, in medicine and water consumption, can save more than 30% and 50% respectively.

What are the characteristics of 02 medicine and silicone?

1, super expansion capacity, more conducive to liquid medicine wetting target drugs

The expandability of medicinal liquid on plant leaf surface or insect body surface directly affects the level of efficacy. The surface of most plant leaves and insect pests have cuticle, waxy layer, villi or rough surface which is not easy to adhere to liquid medicine. Spraying liquid medicine diluted directly with water is very unstable on these surfaces. Adding silicone, however, solves these problems and maximizes the effectiveness of the drug.

2, the contact Angle is smaller, can greatly improve the spread of liquid medicine on the drug target

The smaller the contact Angle, the better the expansion and distribution of the solution and the better the effect of the application. Silicone has a very low surface tension, which can greatly reduce the contact Angle of the spray applied to plant leaves and pest surfaces, so it can achieve better drug effect.

3, strong expansibility, can greatly improve the coverage area of liquid medicine on the target

The addition of organic silicon liquid medicine, can make the crop leaves on the cover area of liquid medicine doubled expansion, which is also the use of organic silicon AIDS can greatly improve the effect of disease and insect pest control is an important reason.

4, infiltration and absorption, strong ability to resist rain erosion, greatly improve the stability of liquid medicine

Organosilicon allows the liquid applied to plant leaves and insect surfaces to penetrate faster, better, and more quickly through stomata into the target. At the same time, it has excellent resistance to rain erosion. Liquid medicine, the use of foliar fertilizer and other added silicone effect is also so obvious, which is unmatched by drugs or foliar fertilizer alone.

03 Precautions

When using organic silicon, there are several points to pay special attention to.

One, that is, with the use of the prepared liquid as soon as possible.

Two, reduce the spray water consumption, appropriately speed up the spray walking speed. Spray quantity to form water film but not droplets is appropriate.

Three, spray, should be in accordance with the requirements of pesticide use, wear protective equipment, pay special attention to the protection of eyes.

Four, for some easy to produce harmful drugs such as fluorosilazole, fluorocyclozole, fluidamine, acetylene mite, phenylbutin, etc., do not recommend adding organic silicon.

Five, it is best to apply medicine before 10 o 'clock in the morning, after 4 o 'clock in the afternoon, avoid high temperature application. Strictly follow the dilution of more than 3000 times.

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