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Silicone's peak price hits, the order is closed and the supply is limited! Can it be reversed in September?

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The upstream-led capital of the silicone industry, Sheng Yan, hit a new high on Monday. The stock prices of major upstream companies and DMC spot prices broke the industry's historical record highs, and the bubble was large. The four major raw rubber factories slammed their stock prices every day, attracting tens of billions of gold, and the raw rubber spot speculation started at 37.5 yuan/KG. The major market players continued to cover their stocks and the highest profit exceeded 100 million! The middle and lower reaches have been unable to accept orders, and the entire line is at a loss, and orders are not accepted.


According to the industry, the gradual shutdown of overseas production capacity is also one of the boosting factors for the silicone market. In fact, in recent years, the global organic silicon center of gravity has shifted to the domestic market. Domestic manufacturers have gradually occupied the upstream production links such as organic silicon monomers, while foreign manufacturers have focused more on downstream deep processing links. With the advantages of deep processing, foreign leading manufacturers can use their pricing power to stabilize industry cyclical fluctuations, which to a certain extent also represents the future development direction of the industry. In contrast, domestic downstream silicone manufacturers are still unable to completely shift the pressure on raw material costs, and therefore present a cyclical opposite to that of the upstream.

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