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Silicone resin

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Silicone resin is a highly crosslinked network structure of organic siloxane, usually with methyl trichlorosilane, dimethyl dichlorosilane, phenyl trichlorosilane, diphenyl dichlorosilane or various mixture of methyl phenyl dichlorosilane, in the presence of organic solvents such as toluene, hydrolytic decomposition under low temperature, acid hydrolysate.The initial products of hydrolysis are a mixture of circular, linear, and crosslinked polymers, often containing considerable hydroxyl groups.The hydrolysate is washed to remove the acid, and the neutral primary polycondensation polymer is thermally oxidized in air or further polycondensation in the presence of catalyst, finally forming a highly cross-linked three-dimensional network structure.

Organic silicone resin and modified organic silicone resin products for its excellent thermal oxidation stability, electrical insulation, weather resistance, waterproof, prevent salt fog, prevent mildew, biocompatibility and other characteristics, widely used in national defense war industry, electrical industry, leather industry, light industry products, rubber, plastics, food hygiene, etc, play an irreplaceable role.China's organic silicon industry has made great progress in material properties, mechanism and application since the early 1950s.Compared with advanced countries, China's gap in technology is relatively small, but the gap in application is relatively large.With the increasing demand for high temperature resistant materials, organosilicon polymers, as a class of materials with outstanding characteristics, can be modified and matched with organic resins and inorganic materials to achieve the integration of structure and function, and have a very broad application prospect in high-tech industries and cutting-edge fields

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