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Silicone oil CY-4867 Against Derma NT

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Product description

This product is a quaternized modified multi-copolymerized silicone oil.

Features and benefits

Super soft, smooth and smooth; good resilience, finished fabric is silky smooth;

Excellent hydrophilicity; high washfastness;

High temperature resistance, strong acid and alkali resistance, high shear resistance, good long-term stability;

Low yellowing, no effect on fabrics with high whiteness; no color change;                                

Basic trait

Appearance: transparent yellowish flowing liquid

Ionicity: weak yang / non-ion

Content: 91% - 92% (105 ° C, 3 hours)

Application range

Mainly used for cellulose fiber, other blended fibers can also be used

Reference amount

Dipping method: CY-4867 thinning solution 1~5% (o.w.f)

Padding method: CY-4867 diluted liquid 10~50 g/L


50 or 120kg plastic drums.

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