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Silicone emulsion thickener

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Silicone emulsion thickener performance:

1, small impact on the environment, stable thickening performance.

2. Good compatibility and stability.

3, with high shear viscosity, improved leveling and spatter resistance.

4, good transparency, viscosity is less affected by temperature, and there is still a good compatibility with other mixed.

5. Silicone oil emulsion thickener is made of polymer polymerization, which can be composed of water-insoluble macromolecular compounds with dyes.

Application scenarios and use of silicone emulsion thickener:

1. When silicone oil emulsion thickener is used for silicone oil emulsion, the thickening effect is obvious, and the stability after thickening is good, and it has no effect on the quality of silicone oil.

2. Adding amount: 0.2%-1.0% of the total formula.

3, the amount of addition depends on the different material system, please test out the specific amount before use.

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