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Silicon products from color paste to silicon products, production revealed!

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In recent years, the continuous extension of silicone materials, the application range from national defense and military, aerospace to the People's Daily life field greatly expanded, the industry is also toward subdivision, professional field depth development. In particular, the liquid silicone industry is making great strides towards a broader incremental market. The rapid rise of silica gel products has significantly improved the concentration of silica gel auxiliary materials. In the production and sales process of enterprises, it is particularly important to provide customers with professional and efficient all-round supporting service resources.

Today, organic silicon mall specially invited immersed in 12 years of industry "veteran" -- shenzhen Long Huixiang technology co., LTD., liu, deputy general manager of high on-site dialogue, let us together into Long Huixiang production workshop further understand the production process of liquid paste, into the products workshop, in the process of liquid equipment in the production of products, easy to overlook the related issues During the 14th five-year plan period, the domestic development environment is facing profound changes. How will Eric Lung bring together the efforts of all parties to deeply empower the enterprise? Let's listen!

Walking into the door of Long Huixiang's clean and tidy workshop, the first thing you see is a display area that reads "Staff style -- Roll up your sleeves and work hard". Following the steps of Vice President Liu, we came to the Long Hui Xiang Engineering Department, in front of the barrels of basic color paste 1103, 1924, 2329, 1508 and other models neatly arranged, right in front of the grinding machine is rolling, this is 2329 basic color and 1801 basic color semi-finished production site, Mr. Liu introduced the product said: "Now the market demand is more and more big, we according to different needs of customers with customized solutions, and using field Long Huixiang each product, are innumerable life work and study together day and night, every process, every detail is the pursuit of perfection of the spirit of" originality ", we are not only meet the needs of the general customers, According to the market scope of the continuous expansion of derivative products in more application fields.

The other end of the workshop, production is a well-known brand mobile phone special customized a haven't listed the following use of paste, the paste from the palette to confirm color, 15 days, because the mobile phone brands have a strict standard for color, Long Huixiang after repeated tests toning, eventually made satisfactory answer; Nowadays, products in the domestic market continue to launch new, quality is the lifeblood of enterprise survival, is the stepping-stone of enterprise development, and customized products will not only form a good reputation, but also bring more benefits.

Next, Mr. Long Huixiang Liu led us to the liquid products workshop and introduced the main components and working principles of liquid injection molding machine and supporting material feeding system one by one:

Liquid injection molding machine, the main parts are a combination of cylinder, fast cylinder, thimble cylinder, positioning cylinder, sliding cylinder, shooting cylinder, sitting cylinder and drive part. Liquid feeding system, the main components are rubber cylinder, lifting cylinder, color paste pump, large pressure plate, large pressure plate rod, beam, control circuit and so on. Among them, color paste pump is used when liquid silica gel is formed, and it is also the most critical part:

Liquid feeding system, its work nature is mainly A, B glue through the feeding system pressure injection into the injection molding machine tube, and then injection molding, in the debugging of the feeding machine, need to pay attention to: When feeding 20 liters, the air pressure is 0.1, shall not exceed 0.15-15, when the rubber material 200 liters, the air pressure shall not exceed 0.4, in addition, when carrying out manual exhaust refuelling, the air valve must be opened, suffocating will lead to rubber barrel burst, and before forming to discharge air, otherwise there will be bad product phenomenon.

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