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Purpose of finishing

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1. Make the width of textiles uniform and stable in size and shape. Such as (tensioning), mechanical or chemical shrink-proof, anti-wrinkle and heat setting.


2. Improve the appearance of textiles: including improving the gloss and whiteness of textiles, and enhancing or weakening the fluff on the textile surface. Such as whitening, calendering, electro-optical, Yawen, sanding, shearing and shrinking.


3. Improve the feel of textiles: mainly chemical or mechanical methods are used to make textiles have a comprehensive touch feeling such as soft, smooth, plump, stiff, thin or thick. Such as softness, stiffness, weight gain, etc.


4. Improve the durability of textiles: chemical methods are mainly used to prevent damage or erosion of fibers by sunlight, atmosphere or microorganisms, and extend the service life of textiles. Such as mothproofing, mouldproof finishing, etc.


5. Give textiles special properties: including making textiles have certain protective properties or other special functions. Such as flame retardant, antibacterial, water repellent, oil repellent, UV protection and antistatic.

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